Welcome to Travel by Fins (and Ferry!)

Welcome to Travel by Fins (& Ferry!). The title is inspired by our love of diving & Liz's insistence that we always take a ferry, if one is available. We were inspired to start this blog because of our travels, often focused on conservation in wildlife. So far we've visited Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Dallas, Roatan, Utila, Connecticut, Tennessee, Georgia, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Dominica, Bonaire, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, & start! 

200+ dives together, miles and miles of hikes, 1000s of photos, tons of day-to-day adventures, lots of laughs. That's only what we can remember off the top of our heads before finishing coffee. 

Hello, my name is

Neil DeMaster

I am a lover of wilderness and all the natural world has to offer. My passion has led to a few hobbies, some volunteer work, more education, citizen science & travel. I am a scuba instructor, sometimes student, volunteer diver and have a regular job as well. When I am not doing these things I spend my time enjoying the wonders of nature. One of the ways I do this is by finding, photographing, properly identifying & documenting as much wildlife as I can both above & below the water. When I'm at home, I am usually uploading & editing photos, surrounded by field guides & creating spreadsheets of what I have found or what I have done. More details of how and why I do these things will be found on other pages of this blog shortly.

My ultimate goal is to find and photograph all wildlife in its natural environment. While I realize this is an impossible goal with millions of species out there (some of which are extremely rare), I want to see and document as much as I can.

We decided to start a blog because we do what we do for the love of it; along the way, we discovered that some people are interested in our adventures & hobbies. I can ramble on & on about the things I love to do, but this way people can look at as much or as little as they want. I am always happy to see comments, so don't be shy and I will answer any questions as soon as I can. I do hope that this blog helps you appreciate and want to conserve the natural world around you. 

You can also check out my work on Instagram, Flickr, and iNaturalist. 

Hi! I'm 

Liz Clark

In 2012, I went on my first coral restoration dive as research for a novel I was writing. Since then, I haven't looked back as I have focused more & more on diving, citizen science & how to use words (and photographs) to document the world around us. I'm passionate about helping to create love for our planet & inspiring others to protect our fragile planet & its waters. 

I'm fascinated by what we miss when we're rushing around in our everyday lives. The world is full of sounds, smells, sights, and incredible creatures! In our adventures above & below water, Neil & I both seek to find what's amazing, breathtaking & inspiring. I have learned to appreciate not only the awesome power and size of the world's largest fish, the whale shark, but also the tiny speck of bright color, life, and audacity in the bumblebee shrimp clinging in the current to its coral home. 

Like Neil, I am also an avid photographer & diver. My main currency, however, is words. I love to capture what I see in photographs and then translate that into words. You'll find me often searching for just the right turn of phrase to translate one of our adventures into something memorable on the page for a reader. 

You can check out my work on SmugMug, Instagram, and on my website that features work for children,

Oh, and much to Neil's chagrin, I love to travel by ferry. Sometimes, that can be an amazing adventure.